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Default Storage: drive and tires

I have the luxury of storing my boat in my attached, heated garage. When not in use I usually leave my drive down to keep the bellows in a relaxed state. I plan to store it that way all winter long as well. I usually donít do much with the trailer but am contemplating jacking it up this year to keep the tires off the ground.
How many of you store your boat with your drive down and tires off the ground and have you seen any significant improvements in tire and bellows life?
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MysTeri is a one owner "95 202BR. I put the drive down whether overnight or over winter. I replaced mt first bellows (lower) at year 22. It wasn't leaking but showed a small hairline crack. I inflate tires to max recommended pressure year round and keep it there. No jacking. Whenever the trailer is not on the hitch ball, the ball couple A frame rests on a proper length of wood beam placed right behind the couple so no weight is on the the tongue jack.
MysTeri John & Teri Bult
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Michael Beckman
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I also put the Drive down same as Brad, whenever it sits overnight or storage when out of season. If you store the boat with the Drive in Trailer mode the Universal Bellows will take a set and possibly the U-Joints will contact the ID of the Bellows. Also, with the Drive in the up position there is constant strain on the underside of the Bellows, this isn't good.
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jim r 2012 18SS
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Put a sign on your hitch.

Raise drive!
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Hmm. I never adjust my drive......
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I always store mine with the drive as low as I can. When we bought our Sea Ray in 2015 had the bellows changed. At the beginning of this season they had very slight cracking beginning and the boat stayed in the water in the summer with the drive down. The only time the drive wasn't down was while transporting (these were Sierra bellows).

We just bought our Crownline in August and had the bellows replaced mid September when we pulled the boat due to flooding (boat hasn't been back in). We did specify we wanted Mercruiser/Quiksilver parts this time.
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I also lower my drive which leads me to blocking up the trailer otherwise i cannot get the drive all the way down.

Not sure if i would raise the trailer if not for that but i do have a single axle and that is a-lot of weight on the tires and torsion bar rubbers (had a torsion bar rubber fail 5 years ago and had to replace axle).

It also allow for some easy underside boat and trailer work if it needs any over the winter.

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Cory Heitman
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Mine sits high enough on trailer to keep drives down even towing. Past boats, i always kept drive down. Keep tires inflated to mfg recomendations.
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If you have the option to lower the drive I would but like Jim said don’t forget to raise it again before towing.
I Never messed with jacking the trailer up just inflate the tires.
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Nate S
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The sun exposure kills the tires more than underweight of the trailer. I have jacked up the frame and blocked the axles before but didn't notice a difference.
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